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Here are a few example of how the spring takes over the winter’s territory.

It is spectacular, really. The spring’s foot kicking the winter’s butt. :)

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Here are some pictures from a dirt bike track:

Latitude: 59° 21′ 56.4008″ N, Longitude: 16° 6′ 52.0201″ E,
MGRS: 33V WF 63346 81300,
UTM: 33V 0563346 6581300,16.114450

Quite impressive, really. There were about 100 kids forcing their bikes.


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So cool: Chick Corea concert!

For me it is a second time going to his concert.

The first time was in the 90’s in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. I remember it was in March, the tickets were $30 US dollars.

At that time, an average monthly salary was about $30.

As I was 16 and unstoppable, I had started negotiating with my parents quite early, maybe some months in advance. I had calculated that the chances of talking my mom into giving me the money for the ticket were very slim and would require waaay too much effort, so the logical choice was to talk to my dad.

He was not too proud of the fact that he was making $30 per month, but on the other hand he was very proud of the fact that my trash-metal listening period lasted about 1 week and was replaced by jazz music.

Eventually, after a month of negotiating, I convinced him that I will sign a paper with the following statement: “I am borrowing $30 for the Chick Corea concert, and will return the money one day. Signature ………”

I don’t know why exactly this approach worked, but it did. My dad could not care too much about the paper, and it was misplaced shortly after me signing it, but he gave me the money.

And my mom arranged for me to wear a suit.

The concert was brilliant, no one at the time had heard pianos producing so much music at the same time, and those Spanish Hearts were flying like torpedoes through the audience.

It was even more amazing how Chick Corea at the end of the concert made 4,000 people sing as a choir in 3 voices.


Last night was also great – we were at the first row and he gave us a rose.

I wish when I am 70 to be able to do something / anything so elaborate as he plays the piano.


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These pictures are taken from the balcony.

It was snowing and a herd of lost deer was roaming around.

For some reason they entered the unattended airport.

I don’t think anyone is interested in eating them.

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Started interesting: the weather was bad. The bunch of bacon at breakfast helped a bit to deal with the weather, but still the hopes were high and the expectations were exceeding them.

A walk by the shore of the Baltic sea helped the mood a bit and the jelly fish as big as a pancakes brought some liveliness.


By the time we got to the castle, though, it was already sunny.


Sometimes I think that squirrells know of some kind of wisdom, or some kind of magic trics about how to avoid gravity.


The rest are just pictures. Enjoy!











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This is some puzzle, which looks so simple, but everyone is afraid of it at the office. There is one guy who can fix it.

The weather is getting cold and the fog is creeping in. Let the winter come, just let me know if there is a good offer on a isborr at some store. :)

The good news is that before and after the winter there is summer.

Whose boat is this? Where has it been? How long has it traveled in the Mälaren?

A german lady with her friend, crossing Mälaren. Before she embarked, she gave us quite extensive lecture on fishing rules in Sweden and on geography.

Only one of them was paying attention. And I think he wanted to say something.

Why not?

Swimming, taking portraits, peeing in the woods… Ah, the summer days.

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Posing with the special attachable coffee cup


Camouflaged - hiding behind a big rock


First fish ever caught


This is exactly what fishing is all about


Chasing ducks is another hobby



I got better at it eventually

What can I say

My teacher, giving instructuons from a distance

It was a great day


Caught a fish

I managed to get 2 bates stuck and lost 2 flies


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In March, during a SQL Server conference, I won a 4m telescopic fishing rod at a raffle. It came as a surprise to me that the fishing rod had no instructions for use, and I asked around if people knew anything about it.

It turned out that I was probably one of the very few people in the country who knew almost nothing about fishing.

So, about 4 months later, I decided to try fishing. We went to Taxinge slott, ate some cakes, walked around and then started fishing off a wooden deck.

As a german tourist informed us, the fishing off the shores of Lake Mälaren is free and does not require permit. Even better.


But then I got this thought: what would I do if I actually catch a fish?! And then I realized that, depending on the fish, there might be several actions: if the fish is big – i throw the rod in the water and run. If the fish is small, I ask some of the people around to help me unhook it and throw it back in the water.

So, the plan was clear, I got to it: sat on a chair, attached the bait, somehow managed to dip it in the water and started waiting.

Waiting for the fish

 The wooden deck was so shaky that it was very surprising that I didn’t fall in the water.

After some waiting and nothing happening, I decided to extend the rod and see what would happen if I wait some more.

Waiting some more...

As I was trying to attach some bait to the hook, I almost dropped the fishing rod on the other side of the deck.

Almost lost the rod

And here comes the trouble: a hungry duck came along and tried to dive and eat my bait.

Hungry duck after my bait

After trying to hit it on the head with my fishing rod – it turns out the ducks are surprisingly fast – I turned to the other side of the deck. But then…

Even more ducks came along

… even more ducks came along. Eventually, after a lot of splashing around them with the rod, they got something else to do and went away.

Then the fish started biting. Well, eating my bait, to be precise. I guess the fish was highly specialized, because about 10 seconds after dipping the hook into the water, the bait would be gone.

I almost caught a fish

At one time I almost caught a fish, though. It pulled on my bait, I pulled back, and I saw it getting closer to the surface, but escaping. It was a silver fish, about 10 or 20, or even 30 cm long. It was fast and as it escaped, I saw its grin.

Later on, as I shared this story, I got some good comments: “Don’t worry that you didn’t catch anything – there is plenty of fish at the store.”

True. Very true. Next time I have to be better prepared, though: better chair, a beer, duck-zapping device, a sandwich.

I like fishing.




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