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I have to post this, since it seems quite important.

I have been working on Hanon exercises and now I am trying to play them in every key. It seems like tome keys are harder than others,  and here is how I classified them:

easy – C, D, F, G,

medium Db, Eb, Bb,

hard – E, F#, Ab, A, B

So in order to overcome the difficulty of these exercises I play first in the following way in a very slow tempo: I hold the 1st and 5th fingers down while I play the rest of the phrase, so it looks like this:


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It seems like piano interpretation can be defined as ‘set of musical assets that one feels as important’.

After all, the only way to distinguish one pianist from another is by the volume of importance each one puts into each expression used.

What I usually do is, I break down the piece by phrases, then I define the connection between the phrases, and then I practice the different expressions in different ‘colors’.

Later on, when I play the entire piece, I get to chose at the moment of playing which color I will use.

Note to self: practice a lot and retain only the colors you like. :)


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Playing piano is great. But quite hard.

The biggest problem is that even if you have some feel for music, if you hear it in your head how it should sound, it take a lot of effort to get the music out of there.

It takes technique, it takes persistence, and the worst part is that the results are not as quickly emerging so they can be too encouraging.

But it takes persistence. Here is how it works, at least for me: I know beforehand that I will not get any obvious achievement the same day. And I am OK with that. However, I still practice the exercises slowly and with precision. The next day, I practice the same exercise and then I add some twist to it (different dynamics, rhythms, accents, but nothing too fancy). This way the brain does not get bored, and the fingers gain confidence. On the third day, it just turns out that I can actually play the same exercise with 10 bpm faster and just as precise, without even thinking about it too much.

I read somewhere the following quote: “You do not have to practice every day. Only on the days you eat. ”


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I got a really cool present for my birthday – an Yamaha P95 piano. It is a simple digital piano with weighed keyboard, but it offers plenty for the beginner.

I have been playing some Hanon exercises, especially the first 6 ones from the Virtuoso pianist.

I have been playing some jazz chords and some improvisations, and we will see where it goes.

Later on I will post some music here.

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