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Oh, it is so delicious! Especially the tradition of having it with cheese underneath which melts from the warm mamaliga.

It is so delicious when eaten with some bread and smoked fish!

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Imi place ciocolata Poiana! Acum am doisprezece bucati. Dar nu pentru mult timp…


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My mother in law is a great cook. She is so good at it that people often get to fall off their chairs just by looking at her creations.

And even if it ever happened once her food not to taste good, then her passion for food would make up for it.

(One time I had a dream that Gordon Ramsay had come to her for some cooking competition and she slapped him. It was quite comic… )



Here is a recipe inspired by her:


Take 4 potatoes and 1 apple, grated.
take 4 pork chops
lemon juice
butter, olive oil
salt, pepper, cinnamon

put a spoon of oil in a pan and add the cinnamon and heat up the apples and potatoes at medium heat. Put a lid on them and leave to simmer for 3-4 minutes.

wash the pork and dry it very well with a napkin. Put salt and any spices you like, and then sprinkle the lemon juice on top. Leave for 5 minutes, but not longer.

After a few minutes, pour the potatoes and apples in a pan.

In a large pan put the olive oil and a spoon of butter and heat up. Do not let the butter to start smoking, but keep in mind that the pork chops need to fry for a few minutes at a high temperature, so the juices can stay inside.

Cook until the pork chops are golden and juicy; then put them in the pan over the mix.

Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes.


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The food is what reminds me that I’m human.

The ritual of making it, the processing of it, the disposal of it.

If we didn’t have to eat, we would most likely be some half-cyborgs.


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Today I came across the funnies recipe yet. A “Thanksgiving Turkey Cake“.




OK, so, if the lack of tastebuds is not a problem (well, according to some general opinion ‘a problem is only a problem if it is admitted to be one’, right?!) and if the aesthetical and functional advantage is ignored, then the Turkey cake is a top of the line brilliant solution to all Thanksgiving struggles and chores.

The ultimate solution, gotta agree with me: you get one dish and a few utensils to wash afterwords, the preparation time is 1 hour + 1 hour baking time (compare that to a whole day of cooking and another day of washing dishes after that!)  and it is much more portable and easier to chew. It all goes in the same place, anyway. :)

The recipe is quite funny, though:

If your attention lapses and the marshmallows happen to burn or catch fire while broiling (this actually happened to us), relax and just blow out the flames. Peel away the burnt marshmallows, leaving the sweet potato layer intact, and start over with a fresh topping of marshmallows.

Hahahahahaha! This should be a mandatory part of every recipe! A clear instruction what to do in case of failure. Hahahahahaha.

Do you want to try the cake?

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It is so great when you try to cook something, and the result is completely unexpectedly better!

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