This time it went a bit on overload. It got slightly out of hand.

4 kilograms of dough. Hm. Had to divide it in two batches, and mix it with an hour difference, because wont fit in the oven.

It is a nice San Francisco sourdough recipe, though, with 72% hydration and with a levain starter.


365 flour

185 water

300 stiff starter

And here is the final dough:

2.1 kg flour

1.55 kg water

55 g salt

levain from above

Nice. but I misread a bit the instructions, so the actual baking time is calculated for 5 am tomorrow morning. The cat wakes me up at 5 am anyway, so tomorrow i will wake up just on time. :)

Here are some pictures of the dough during the resting process.

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