Fast baguette. Advanced baking and pastry.

Ok, this was a few days ago. My first take on a fast 70% hydration baguette.

525g flour

370 water

½ tsp yeast

10g salt


It looks like boobs, I know. For a first try, it was quite nice. I just didn’t have the baguette tray at the time, so I ended up baking the baguette in a round pan. Hahaha.

What I learned is that:

  • it is very important to avoid the temptation to put more flour, even if the dough seems wet. It gets better after the floor time.
  • it is important to keep an eye on the temperature – 23C is more than enough for the dough to raise well; before I used to put much warmer water, and the result was an uncontrollably fast raising dough and a big loss of flavor.
  • it is important how the final dough is shaped and how firmly it is rolled.



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