There are two main zones of influence in the world nowadays: government influence and charity influence.

The reality is bluntly obvious: we have government sponsored gun production  (if you can think of a country which does not produce guns and ammunitions, let me know), and on the other hand we have charity organizations which try to do good by collecting pennies off the streets and by pouring them into areas which need it.

Something here does not make sense. The governments (I am not only talking about US, it is pretty much any government) have almost unlimited access to tax payers money to invest into the war industry, and the return of investment is known to be quite big. It has been known for ages that war makes money and gives people something to do, so the money spins in a natural way. War gives an immediate profit; education takes time and gives a greater but delayed profit.

Charities, on the other hand, no matter how popular and powerful they are (and I am not talking only about Gates organization, it is pretty much any charity) have much smaller access to resources, compared to the governments.

So here is the clash of realities: one side pours huge funds into wars because they are profitable, the other side pours money into building infrastructure and educating people in war zones because they present it as to be the right thing to do.

One of the rules of contemporary economy is that in order for something to happen, all that is need are resources in the hands of someone who thinks it is extremely profitable to them.

And there you have it: as long as all the conflict points are profitable, they will remain conflict points; regardless of how much money the charities pour into the same conflict points to make them more livable.

Think of it this way: you have a broken sewage pipe and bacteria thrives on all the crap that leaks out (the bacteria has unlimited resources to thrive). You can pour a lot of money to install an air filtering system, a ground cleaning system, and this is all good but does not fix the sewage leak at all: it just gives the impression to release the pressure of the bacteria and the smell, but as long as the leaking pipe is not fixed, there will still be thriving bacteria. You get the idea.

This is why charities are fairly useless: charities work on the ability of people to show empathy and donate funds. (At least these charities are not mandatory.) People donate and the money gets poured in a black hole and at the end of the black hole there are the mandatory charities – the governments, to which we contribute whether we want it or not – and our mandatory contributions are partially used to fuel the war industry.

And the more empathy there is, the more money pours. The more money pours, the more there is to destroy.

Why are the war zones still a war zones? Because no one who has enough funds thinks it would be more profitable for them to be the opposite. (The wars at least feed entire states and countries… )


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