I had never won a sports medal in my life. Until yesterday.

I was just curious how it would feel to win a medal. A wile back I found the perfect event: Kistaloppet. On their site they announced that it is the 5th year jubilee, and they were giving Fat Medals and a goodie bag.

More importantly, they announced that they wait indefinitely for people to finish the race. Good deal, it seemed.

I am about 100 kg, so taking my time is kinda my thing. Then again, doing things by myself didn’t seem to offer that much fun, so I asked a friend of mine to join as well. He is about 200 kg, and he likes to take his time as well. Luckily for us, a another friend joined. A trained runner, Miss Q.

So, the day of the event comes, and we meet at the food court of the local mall where the race would start. We sit at the local Chinese joint and they sip on noodle soup, and I take some Pad Thai.

The race starts and we decide to run at least across the start line.

And then people start applauding. I realize that we are into something special.

After the start race, the route goes about 1 km around the block, and then crosses the actual mall, and then goes through the city. Because of this, the mall is all marked by ribbons and the regular customers are having hard time jumping from shop to shop. Every one is waiting for the race participants to pass.

So, the moment we get to the mall, everyone starts applauding again, and the race security surrounds us to escort us. Of course, they were quickly taking off all the ribbons 1 meter after us, and this gave us the awesome feeling of something biblical and crucially important.

By this time Miss Q’s reason to refuse to register for the race was confirmed: she didn’t want to have a record of a very slow time, since she is a regular runner of such events.

For me personally wasn’t about the time, not about the winning. It was about the experience and about the Fat Medal.

And so far, in the first 20 minutes of the race, we had probably gotten more attention than the person heading the race. It felt nice and in a way great for the confidence.

We go out of the mall, and thus we freed the shoppers from the sticky tapes.

And then we continued. All kinds of people kept cheering us by saying ‘Keep going! Good job!’.

Miss Q was walking couple meters in front of us and keeping up the tempo. I guess we were good at keeping 5 km/h.

After 1 hour or so we had reached the 5km mark.

And then we continued. Next to some more trees, next to some farm. There was some wedding with a very loud PA system.

And then we got back to the urban area. At some point, a guy from the staff of the race saw us, picked up his phone and reported: “I saw them. They are OK. “.

This was a good sign – I guess we were expected at the finish line.

An hour later we arrived. The staff waited for us at the finish line! It was amazing. They had actually waited! There was a PA system waiting for us and our arrival was announced!

Of course, about 5 seconds after that, they started dismantling the PA system, since people have been patiently waiting to go home for a while, but nevertheless – it was an amazing gesture to wait for us.

The biggest winners.

Here is how we crossed the finish line, and the Fat Medals were waiting for us.

And this is how I won my first sports medal.

I am very thankful for all the support – I got much  more support than I thought I would get.

It means a lot to me.


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  1. A says:

    Well done!!! You are one story richer too, it seems 😉