I met a guy once who told me a story from the times when he was newcomer to the country and his first job was a driver of a bus.

I know for a fact that here the bus drivers are not assigned to a particular bus, and they rotate. Sometimes they get to drive several different buses per day and sometimes even several different routes. This is understandable – it helps keep the buses clean, it helps the drivers keep up with the schedule; it is one of those psychological tricks where the only penalty is the sense of judgement one gets when non-compliance with socially established values occurs. (in most cases the sense of judgement is self-induced, but this is a whole different topic.)

Anyhow, the guy told me a story how one day he had to drive a new route and he was somewhat familiar with it, but not quite. And he though he had gotten lost.

What do you do when you get lost driving a public transportation bus? I guess the best thing that comes to mind is to ask one of the regular passengers on the line to give you some directions.

And so he did.

Some old lady started giving him turn-by-turn directions and after some turns she had said “… and here I get off…”.

The driver thanks her, opens the door and she gets off.

Then another passenger says: “She just wanted a ride home. This bus never comes this way. ”


What do you do in a situation like this.

Who knows. :) :) :)

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