Today as we were sitting at a cafe I noticed that the cashier’s work time was 100% utilized.

Coffee shops are funny places – you never know when a customer will come, how many will come and sometimes it so happens that out of 10 people visiting only 1 will order a drink, and sometimes there will be one person ordering 20 drinks for the colleagues at the office.

Anyhow, the cashier today had a huge ink stamp and they were using it to print the coffee shop’s logo and information on the paper coffee cups.

So, I guess the business decision is clear: save money on the printed coffee cups – after all they cost some 20 to 30% of the cost of the final product, and I guess if they are blank, they cost less, maybe 10 to 15% less.

And I guess it makes sense on some level to order the cheaper blank paper cups and have the employees print the logos in their ‘spare time’.

This way the employees are busy 100%, the printing of the cups is not critical. I guess there is a risk that maybe too many customers will come at a time and the cafe will run out of printed mugs, but this is not that big of a problem.

This story amazed me because it actually is a great example of active cost-cutting and work force utilization.

Good job.

(What is the emoticon for sarcasm?)

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