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Here are some pictures from the weekend – birds, surfers and a spider.

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I took some pictures of flowers over the weekend. It was so sunny …

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After sending a long letter to Cal Newport, which I made public here, he replied quickly – and shortly – by sending the following:

These are interesting thoughts. I think you are absolutely right to note that underlying perceptions and cultural attitudes play a huge role in the way we approach work satisfaction (a much bigger role than many assume).

Yep. And that’s it. After I obviously sweated for hours to write to him; after all the struggles I went through to bring a bit more light into his daily thoughts, into his art, into his fame… and all I get is two sentences and one set of parenthesis?!

Hm, well, I hope he is not feeling too warm after reading my second letter, in reply to his 2 sentences and a set of parenthesis…

Here is the reply:


Dear Cal,

Your short-spoken answer makes me have a feeling that for one reason or another, the point I was trying to make flew over you head like a whooshing spoiled tomato.

What I was trying to say in my previous email in so many words is that I think you have gotten wrong the entire concept of attitude towards work.

In your book you have merely documented the current state of growth of our work culture, and as I tried to say, it is not guaranteed that this is the right approach.

Furthermore, since a book like yours, which is well marketed, tends to ring bells to many people, I am confident that an author should be responsible for the echoes of his work.

What I am suggesting here, in a completely reasonable tone, is that you write another book, which explains how work should not feel like work and how to cultivate ingenuity, creativity and how to enjoy success, and how to deal with failure.

Please take 15 minutes of your busy day, and think about this. You as an author are personally responsible for the trains of thoughts and the development of thousands of readers, and this is a heavy responsibility.

Read my previous email, and try hard to read between the lines. Get out of the ordinary, and consider writing a better book.

All the best.



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