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Taking pictures of birds is amazing – they move fast and are not very easy to photograph; but some of the pictures are worth the waiting and the continuous tries.

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Today was one of those almost warm days, when one wants to get the camera and photograph the entire Universe. Or at least part of it, as much as possible.

This bird was hiding behind a leaf. Note to self: get a camouflage pants and shirt; try hiding behind a leaf when taking pictures of birds which are also hiding behind leaves.

This was some smiling house:

Some statue of a kid, spinning a pancake?!

Spinning more of the same pancake, I guess.

Some flowers, so many of them.

And a church, which had a wedding going on in it.

Some water sprinkles at different shutter speeds:

Some flowers and bugs:

I have no idea what exactly these birds were doing in the air. Well, maybe a slight idea. They were dancing, I think.

My contribution was appreciated – I dropped a sip of my soda on the stone, and a minute later there were all these ants visiting the oasis. The ants were so excited that one could hear the stomping of their feet and their slurping.

See, they’ve got the camouflage! But they have no cameras, and I kinda tend to think that they are not interested in photographing birds.

This guy seems too concentrated in his thoughts, can he actually hurt himself by thinking too much?!

This bird had all the branches in its beak, and somehow it was managing to collect more by not dropping the acquired ones.


This guy was quite jumpy and energetic. As someone was explaining once – was it Eddie Izzard – ‘guys like that make us look bad’. :)

This is a nice profile picture – if this bird has a Facebook account, it should definitely post it there.

These birds were just bored and were circling up and down, monitoring the mines they had left in the field for the energetic jumping guy. These two birds were just patrolling and making sure that the outcome of the daily meal was spread evenly on the ground.

And in case it wasn’t spread evenly, they would call the other birds, which would land and correct the mistakes.

This small duck was swimming in circles, wondering how come it cannot see the mother-duck half of the time when it was turning itself in the other direction.

And here is the duck-scarer to the rescue: when he came the small duck was not confused much.

Hanging and fixing the sails.

This was a great wedding of some people who had 2 singers. The wedding was on a boat.

I guess they fixed the sales and started moving.

This boat approached the boat where the wedding was taking place, and the people in electric green T-Shirts (it turned out that they were Spanish) started clapping and shouting congratulations to the married couple in Spanish. What was Pipi doing there?


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I just took a picture. As hones and pure as a picture can be.

It is about the essence of Nature.

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