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The food is what reminds me that I’m human.

The ritual of making it, the processing of it, the disposal of it.

If we didn’t have to eat, we would most likely be some half-cyborgs.


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Started interesting: the weather was bad. The bunch of bacon at breakfast helped a bit to deal with the weather, but still the hopes were high and the expectations were exceeding them.

A walk by the shore of the Baltic sea helped the mood a bit and the jelly fish as big as a pancakes brought some liveliness.


By the time we got to the castle, though, it was already sunny.


Sometimes I think that squirrells know of some kind of wisdom, or some kind of magic trics about how to avoid gravity.


The rest are just pictures. Enjoy!











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It is January 1st 2012. Yeeeeeee.

The year of new innovations and progress!

I know what I would like to do this year: write more articles and blogs, develop somthing cool, learn a bit more Romanian and travel a bit in Europe.



Happy New Year!

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