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A few days ago I traveled  to Malmö and to Göteborg. The trip was by train, and of all 3 trains I took neither one was on time. During one of the trips they announced in the train that they were going to try to diminish the delay of the train by going at a faster speed for part of the way. And they did, I think.

A few days later I mentioned this to my dad, and he was very alarmed. (When he was younger, he used to work for some time at a train depot as an engineer.)

“No such thing!” he said. “It is against the law to drive a train faster than the allowed speed.” And then he added: “The unwritten rule is that you cannot win time by driving faster but you can win time by idiotic starting and idiotic stopping.”

Hahahahahahah, this seems quite amusing. I.e. according to the unwritten rules, you can gain time by accelerating faster and by stopping in the last second.

I guess this explains the driving style of some of the local bus drivers.

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